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Making a decision

Making a decision

The decision about whether or not to become a living liver donor is a complex one and it is important that you discuss it with the transplant team, a living donation coordinator, as well as with the recipient and the families involved.

The transplant team determines whether or not you are mentally, emotionally and physically fit to become a donor but ultimately, the final decision rests with you. The good news is that the evaluation process takes place in stages, leaving time between appointments for a donor to discuss any questions or concerns as they arise.

If at any time you decide that donating is not for you, you should informthe transplant team right away. Even after a potential donor is accepted for living liver organ donation and surgery is scheduled, he or she has the option of opting out as a living donor at any time right up until the day of surgery.

Making the decision to become a living liver transplant donor is difficult and must be considered very carefully. However, living liver transplant donors say the experience was one of the most rewarding they have ever had.