MAX CLBS- Best Liver Transplant in Delhi

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences is committed to providing all aspects of liver care starting from prevention, vaccination, and treatment of hepatitis B and C. It aims to provide advanced liver surgery such as complex resection and transplantation at low rates and with the best results. The Centre will work closely with Delhi Liver Foundation to educate people to drink safely, to prevent fatty liver and to eat healthy.


The Centre for Liver and Biliary Surgery (CLBS) at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket is one of the largest liver transplant programs of the world. It has now a cumulative experience of over 2500 liver transplant operations. All stages of liver disease can be treated here such as guidance for prevention, drug therapy for viral hepatitis, management and rehabilitation of alcoholic liver disease and liver cancer (HCC). HCC is often associated with cirrhosis and management may vary from radiofrequency ablation, transarterial chemo or radio embolization, liver resection or liver transplantation. All of these treatment options are available at the centre.

Our Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Intensivists, Radiologists and Nurses have been involved in the care of patients with liver problem since 1998. The Centre is a training ground for many aspiring Liver Units from all over the world. Teams from USA, Malaysia, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Pakistan and Bangladesh have undergone training at this Centre. Within India, training has been given to SMS Medical College, Jaipur, Cuttack Medical College and Bangalore Medical College. Many of our trainees are now heading Centres in the rest of the country.

The Centre has treated patients from over 20 countries. The advantages of treatment here are low cost and consistent results in this highly complex surgery. This has been possible because the group has pioneered Living Donor Liver transplantation in India and has introduced numerous innovations to make surgery simple and safe for the donor and simultaneously improve the outcome for the recipient. Some of these innovations are the middle hepatic vein clamp test for determining anterior sector congestion in right lobe grafts, technique of hepatic artery anastomosis using loupes, medial slitting of bile duct for larger anastomosis, left hepatic artery anastomosis of donor hepatic artery to decrease bile duct stricture and high portal division in transplants for small babies to prevent portal vein thrombosis. CLBS physicians regularly make presentations in regional and international meetings, often winning awards. The Centre has published over 30 papers in indexed International medical journals.

CLBS became the first team in India to perform 300 Living donor liver transplants in one calendar year( 2013) This enormous achievement was repeated in 2014 when the group transplanted > 350 patients. Apart from liver transplant, the Centre has experience in managing complex gastrointestinal surgery such as resection for cholangiocarcinoma, revascularization of ischemic gut and pancreaticoduodenectomy.