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Achievements at CLBS

Achievements at CLBS

CLBS, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket completes more than 300 liver transplants in 2013

CLBS, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket has conducted more than 300 Liver transplants in 2013 making it the only Centre in India to have done that. This has meant that 600 major liver surgeries each lasting 12 to 16 hours were conducted in 2013, not including more than hundred other complicated major non -transplant operations on the liver, bile duct and pancreas.

While this is a remarkable milestone, for the entire team at CLBS it has been a remarkable journey ... ensuring every single day that every single patient and his donor get the best possible treatment and the individualised care and attention that everyone of them came to CLBS for.

No other Centre in the world has yet completed more than 300 Living Donor Liver Transplants in a single year.

Mentoring Hospitals across the world

CLBS is committed to the development of Liver Transplant programs in different centres across the world. Only then can every single patient of liver disease have access to transplant facilities.

Led by Dr Subhash Gupta's zeal for training younger surgeons in this high end specialty, CLBS has worked in liaison with and mentored surgeons in different hospitals across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia , Kazakhstan and also throughout India ( Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Bangalore & Delhi ).

CLBS Group Introduced "Low Cost Transplant Techniques"

Transplant cannot be considered the standard of care for patients with liver diseases if its cost is prohibitive. For any treatment to be effective, it must also be affordable by patients!

This has been an important driving force behind many research activities spearheaded by Dr Subhash Gupta. Patient safety at an affordable cost has been the motto of our research. This has enabled us to bring down the cost of liver transplant has come down from 24 lacs to 19 lacs. The group published its low cost transplant techniques in the prestigious international journal titled 'Liver Transplantation'.

Swap Transplants, Sequential Liver Kidney Transplant for High Risk Recipients

Imagine a father needing a combined liver & kidney transplant, a son being the liver donor, the daughter being the kidney donor and the mother taking on the unenviable role of sole caregiver for all three: What a difficult time for the entire family!

Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences has now standardised sequential Liver kidney transplant for these patients (first liver, then kidney transplant at a late date).This has been a big relief for families , as they no longer need to have three members from their family undergoing major operations at the same time.