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MBBS, MS ( AIIMS ), FRCS ( Edin ), FRCS ( Glas )
Chief Liver Transplant / HPB Surgeon Chairman
CLBS ,Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket
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Dr Subhash Gupta has been the pioneer of Liver Transplantation in the Indian subcontinent. It is largely due to his efforts through the last decade that this specialty has become well established in this part of the world. Liver Transplant today has given fresh lease of life to thousands of patients with liver disease as a result of his endeavors.

Dr Gupta was born in the quiet town of Asansol in the state of West Bengal in eastern India. He spent his childhood years there and began an academically brilliant career at the St Patrick' School, Asansol.

After schooling , he joined the All India Institute of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS ), Delhi where he obtained his medical degree. He also trained in General Surgery at the same institute before joining the Department of G I Surgery & Experimental Liver Transplantation as Senior Resident.

Encouraged by Prof Samiran Nundy, Dr Gupta proceeded to UK to train in Liver Transplantation. He trained at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and at the St James University Hospital in Leeds between 1993 and 1998 , working closely with some of the stalwarts of Liver Transplantation including Paul McMaster, Elwin Elias & James Neuberger.

During his stay in UK, Dr Gupta qualified for Fellowships of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and of Glasgow. He trained in all aspects of Liver Transplantation, was actively involved in clinical and research work as well as in teaching / training junior doctors. His research work in various aspects of transplantation has been published in various journals, presented at numerous conferences and appreciated worldwide.

In 1998, Dr Gupta decided to return to India to take up the mantel of liver transplantation in this part of the world. He was offered the position of Consultant in Liver Transplantation & G I Surgery at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital ( SGRH ) in New Delhi which he accepted.

There he played a pioneering role in developing the first successful liver transplant program in the Indian subcontinent. While he had trained in Liver Transplantation for a long time in the UK, he also interacted with and visited several centres in Seoul, Japan to understand the innovations that were rapidly making Living Donor Liver Transplant a successful procedure outside the western world.

The Liver Transplant program at SGRH was the culmination of years of preparation, aided by a few key innovations by Dr Gupta and his colleagues. And the encouraging results ensured that the program had well and truly taken off !

After the initial years at SGRH and then Indraprastha Apollo, Dr Gupta decided that the Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket was better equipped to provide the infrastructure needed to sustain a busy liver transplant & HPB program.

In 2017, Dr Subhash Gupta joined Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket and stared the Liver Transplant & HPB program there.

Over the years, the Centre of Liver & Biliary Sciences ( CLBS ) evolved to its present shape. Today CLBS is the busiest Living Donor Liver Transplant program in the world. But Dr Gupta prides over the fact that Liver Transplantation is today only a small part of the gamut of activity that CLBS is involved in.

Although a surgeon at the core, Dr Subhash Gupta has always believed that Liver diseases need to be managed by specialists who are equally experienced in the medical & surgical aspects of treatment. The Liver Surgeon or the Medical Hepatologist in isolation cannot always judge what is in the best interests of the patient. Over the years of his vast experience, Dr Gupta has focused his clinical & research activities towards the medical management of patients with liver diseases. Liver Transplantation is the cure for only a select group of patients with Liver Diseases.

Acute Liver Failure is a disease which needs Urgent Liver Transplant when the patient's parameters meet certain criteria. However, years of experience has demonstrated that some of these patients can be salvaged without a transplant. Having saved some of them without a transplant, Dr Gupta's team is now focusing on validating new criteria to predict better which group of patients will inevitably need a transplant.

This is just one example among many paradigm changes in management that are the focus of his research interests.

At CLBS, Dr Gupta continues to guide the treatment of a large number of patients with Acute or Chronic Liver Diseases, patients with Hepatitic B or C infections, those admitted with Alcoholic Steatohepatitis as well as patients with Autoimmune Hepatitis. Children with liver diseases such as those with Neonatal hepatitis, Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis ( PFIC ) , Biliary atresia , Hyperoxaluria and Wilson's disease are also treated by the Pediatric Hepatology division at CLBS.

Tumours of the liver often present management dilemmas depending on the stage of presentation. Choosing the best treatment option for a patient with Hepatocellular cancer ( HCC ) can be tricky. Oral Sorafenib, simple ablation with RFA or Alcohol injection, TACE ( Trans Arterial Chemo Embolisation ), TARE ( Trans Arterial Radio Embolisation ) , Liver Resection and Liver Transplantation are among the many treatment options available. While all these treatment modalities are available at CLBS, Dr Gupta takes a personal interest in ensuring that the patient and his family are adequately counseled and informed about the pros & cons before embarking on a particular therapy.

The common adage 'Treat the patient , not the disease' remains the guiding philosophy on which Dr Gupta continues to train his team at CLBS.

In the field of Liver Transplant , CLBS continues to make giant strides not only in clinical care, but also leads surgical innovations in this specialty, trains junior doctors in this high end specialty and ensures that doctors in society become adept at treating transplanted patients in the community.

As primarily a G I Surgeon, Dr Gupta continues to treat a significant number of patients with Gastrointestinal diseases and problems of the Liver, Biliary tract & Pancreas. Liver resections, Pancreatic surgery, surgery for hydatid cyst & choledochal cyst as well as surgery for Bile duct injuries are regularly performed at our centre.

While the team at CLBS continues to excel, Dr Gupta remains a bedside clinician at the core. He ensures that he sees all patients personally, leads the surgical team during operations and remains directly in charge of the postoperative care.

Meticulous attention to detail, both inside the Operating Room and outside on the ward / ICU, is perhaps the single most important reason behind the excellence in clinical care that Dr Gupta & his team continue to provide at CLBS.

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