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20 Years of Experience in Liver Transplant in India More than 300 Liver Transplants in India every Year Patient Care with Personal touch at Max CLBS Delhi A New Liver – A New Life | Liver Transplant Delhi Most Experienced Liver Transplant team in India Lowest Liver transplant complication Rate MAX CLBS Delhi Delivers holistic care to Liver Transplant Patients Liver Transplant in Delhi Liver Transplant Delhi best liver transplant in India

Twenty Years of experience

More Than 300 Liver Transplants Every Year

Patient Care With Personal Touch

A new Liver - New Life

Most experienced team more than 200 doctor's and paramedies

Lowest Complications Rate

CLBS Delivers Holistic Care To Patients

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Liver Transplant Delhi

best liver transplant in India


About CLBS

The Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences (CLBS) at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket is one of the Best hospital for liver treatment in Delhi. It has now a cumulative experience of over 2500 liver transplant operations.

Our Surgeons, Physicians, Anaesthetists, Intensivists, Radiologists and Nurses have been working together as team in the care of patients with liver diseases since 1998.

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Max Saket- Best Liver Transplant in Delhi
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Dr. Subhas Gupta- Best Liver transplant surgeon in Delhi
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Liver Transplant Patient

Families and patients share stories of anguish, hope and life in their fight against liver diseases. Read their stories to understand there is hope for all patients suffering from this terminal disease  
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Condition & Treatments

CLBS delivers holistic care to patients with Liver / Gastrointestinal diseases.
We focus on individualizing the patient's treatment according to the nature of his disease, the stage of his disease and the functional status of his other organ systems - his heart, his lungs, coexisting diabetes or any other health problems that he may have. Best hospital for liver treatment in Delhi !

Hepatitis A & E

Hepatitis A is a viral liver disease that can cause mild to severe illness. Read More

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is the most common liver infection in the world and is caused by the hepatitis B virus. Read More

Acute Liver Failure

Acute liver failure occurs when your liver rapidly loses its ability to function. Read More

Alcoholic Liver Disease

Alcohol is the most widely abused agent in the world and its excessive intake is the leading cause of liver disease. Read More