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29 MAY 2014 Doctors from Pakistan attend Liver Transplant Training In Delhi
Publication : News Express of india
Doctors from Pakistan attend Liver Transplant Training In Delhi
New Delhi:
In first-of-its-kind training program at the Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences at Indraprashtha Apollo Hospital which is a world renowned-pioneer in Liver Transplant, a team of doctors from one of the leading hospitals in Pakistan, Shaikh Zayadh Hospital Lahore, are here for a one month Liver Transplant training under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Subhash Gupta, Senior Consultant – Liver Transplant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.
“This training program would help in better exchange of innovative ideas and latest technology and would be beneficial to the patients as well as doctors. This is an important step towards building relations with fellow doctors across border and we hope to make it fruitful and progressive.” said Dr. Subhash Gupta.
The team of doctors who are attending the training program are Dr. AmerLatif (Consultant, HPB/Liver Transplant Surgeon); Dr. Akif Dilshad (Consultant,  Liver Transplant  Hepatology);  Dr. Muhammad Aamir Khan (Consultant, Radiologist);  Dr. Muhammad Sarwar (Anesthetist); Dr. Aaifa Khalid (T. R.– Anesthesia); Asia Batool (Staff Nurse); Muhammad Akif Dilshad (Hepatologist).
“It was a pleasure training under ‘Liver transplant Unit’.We as a group thoroughly benefited from all corners of this beautiful and professionally organized Hospital. I hope to visit this Hospital again.” said Dr. Aamir Khan (Radiologist).
“CLBS(Centre for Liver & Biliary sciences) has been a whole new world for me excellent professional attitude of all the hospital employees can definitely be compared to any good International hospital.” said Dr.Aaifa Khan (Anesthesia).