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Liver Transplantation in India

The Centre for liver and Biliary Sciences at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi under the guidance and leadership of Dr Subhash Gupta has acquired an outstanding reputation in the field of Liver Transplantation comprehensive management of complex conditions of Liver, Biliary tree and Pancreas.
The center has a highly qualified team Surgeons that has performed more than 1500 living donor as well as deceased donor Liver transplants. The results are comparable to those of the most acclaimed centers around the world.

Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences has conducted more than 300 Living Donor Liver Transplants in 2013and becomes the only Centre in India to achieve this Milestone.This meant that 600 major liver Surgeries each lasting 12 to 16 hours were conducted in 2013.
Liver Transplant
Liver TransplantA NEW LEASE OF LIFE... <br><br>Medical science has evolved to a large extent giving a new lease of life to terminal liver diseases. Liver transplantation is the surgical replacement of a disea A variety of liver diseases can lead to end-stage liver disease.sed liver with a healthy liver.After an evaluation is completed, the patient is placed on the liver transplant waiting list.<br>
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Families and patients share stories of anguish, hope and life in their fight against liver diseases. Read their stories to understand there is hope for all patients suffering from this terminal disease
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